Life Cycle

Death and Shiva (on video)

Sometimes it’s easier to learn about something by watching a video. That can be especially true when the thing you are learning about is a sensitive topic. G-dcast has created a number of videos addressing elements of Jewish life. This one, on Jewish mourning practices, covers the basic issues that you will encounter in regard…

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“A room full of penises”

Today I want to talk about an intimate, yet very common, human body part – the penis — which really means, let’s talk about circumcision. A true story from the mother of a high school age boy When my son was in middle school he decided he wanted to go to a Jewish summer camp…

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What if One of us Dies?

Where and how will each of us be buried? I’ve been asked how to plan for a funeral in an interfaith family. What things should be taken into consideration in order to plan for that inevitable day when one spouse must bury the other? Can the non-Jew be buried in a Jewish cemetery? Who will…

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