Jewish Culture

Yom HaShoah 2011

Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Memorial Day is May 1 this year. Learn the history of how the day was established in Israel – and how it is observed – learn more here. Some Bay Area Gatherings Yom HaShoah Community-Wide Commemoration of the Holocaust in Oakland Join us as we remember those millions who died in the…

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Cooking Jewish: Passover

Passover this the most observed Jewish holiday in America. The central element is the meal around the Seder table that reenacts the historical exodus from Egypt. Food and ritual are at the center of this home based holiday. What if you are not Jewish or were not raised Jewish but you are in charge of…

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If Not Now, When? Making End of Life Decisions

If not now when? NOW is the time to learn and to act so that your last wishes will be fulfilled. NOW is the time to decide questions of end-of-life medical care, the disbursement of your wealth and possessions, plans and funeral arrangements, mourning rituals that will bring comfort to your survivors. Few experiences are…

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