High Holidays

Some Yom Kippur options for little ones + More

Sukkot begins just FIVE days after Yom Kippur! I can hardly keep up. So consider this fair warning that you should be thinking about where you’ll be shaking your lulav beginning next Wednesday evening. I’ll send you more info on that after Yom Kippur. May you be inscribed in the book of Life for a…

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More on Yom Kippur

Tonight is Yom Kippur, the most attended service in Jewish life. I hope you are not using this as your non-Jewish sweetheart’s first experience of a Jewish service. IF YOU ARE, warn them that the liturgy is very old, written long ago, based on the ancient history of the Jews. Don’t expect this to be…

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Yom Kippur Services

If you are in the east bay please note that FREE Yom Kippur services are being offered at Temple Israel in Alameda, the JCC East Bay (Berkeley site), and Chabad of the East Bay. Find them online.

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