Finding a Synagogue

Secrets of the Synagogue Sanctuary

Secrets of the (Synagogue) Sanctuary Most Americans have never been inside a synagogue. Those that have may not know the parts of the sanctuary and their meaning. What is the bema? What’s the Eternal Light and is it really eternal? Do Jews kneel? Where should you sit? Should visitors wear head coverings? What about prayer…

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Make the most of summer! This is a good time to shop around for a synagogue if you don’t yet have one. Summer services are casual – there are outdoor services in some places, lay led services, shabbat dinners, music, etc. If you need some help deciding where to go, or you want someone to…

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Things to do in August

  August time August is here and that always signals the end of summer.  That means you have just about a month to do some shopping around if you want to join a synagogue this fall.  If you want a buddy to go with you, just email me.  I’ll set it up – I have…

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