A meaningful life

In These Troubled Times, Get Support

Last week I asked folks on my email list, how are you doing after the Pittsburgh shooting. This reply did not surprise me, “I’m crying a lot.” For some people this tragedy stood alone and stark. For others it added to other troubles in their lives. I asked the people on my list of Seekers and Jews…

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Don’t Orthodox Jews HAVE to fast on Yom Kippur?

Some Jews are commanded NOT TO FAST. Thus, the local Orthodox shul, Beth Jacob Congregation in Oakland, has sent out this reminder to their members several times in the last couple weeks. Location for Medically Required Food and Nursing Mothers: While the holiest day of the year involves five forms of physical restriction (see below for…

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Jewish Values in the Political Arena

This has been a very tough June. Scary to see our rights crumbling and our children taken. But as we approach the excitement of the Pride weekend and the peace of Shabbat several rabbis have shared thoughtful messages that I want to share with all of you. From Rabbi Gershon Albert of Beth Jacob Congregation…

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