A meaningful life

God Talk

Rabbis have amazing God conversations with children fairly regularly. Why we don’t continue these conversations as easily as we age? The questions certainly don’t get any easier! Perhaps we forget, over the years, that sharing doubts and yearning for hope is what makes us human. I invite you to join an open and caring –…

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Teach Your Children Well

What do you want your children to remember you for? What values are you working to instill? What cultural and/or spiritual message do you want to impart? Many interfaith couples share core values. This class gives you an opportunity to articulate those values for yourself, your spouse, and especially for your children. What a wonderful…

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The Sacred Table

How can we use eating, something we do each day, as a way to make our life more intentional? How can it help us be more awake to our lives? Join Rabbi Ruth Adar and me for a delightful class on EATING! The Sacred Table You will eat, you will be satisfied, and you will…

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