Mimouna: the Post-Passover Holiday We all Deserve!

Passover ends rather tamely in much of the world, but the Moroccan, and now Israeli, Jewish community do it so well! They have the holiday of Mimouna. In a burst of returning to eating yeast leavened food and drink they have a feast. It may be too late to plan such an event this year,…

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Immersive Jews of Color Post Passover Event

I have been elated to see so many Jews of color in my acquaintance committing themselves to expanding the Jewish opportunities for multiracial Jews.  My friend, Victoria, asked me to share this event.  Please note: THIS IS AN EVENT FOR JEWS OF COLOR ONLY. White people need not apply. An immersive environment is important. Please…

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Published on April 2nd, 2023

Worrying About Israel + More Passover Options

Let me begin by addressing that very land to which Moses took us: Israel. Throughout the USA Jews have been angered, distressed and horrified by the actions of the new rightwing government. One after another synagogues have been gathering members to discuss the situation and what American Jews can do to retain Israel’s democracy. I…

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Asian Jewish Passover Seders

The Lunar Collective is a rather new organization for Asian Jews. Their mission is to “cultivate connection, belonging and visibility for Asian American Jews through intersectional community programming and authentic digital storytelling.” I feel rather mother hen-ish about them as I’ve watched the central figures angst and then act to create the space they need….

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Passover Prep! Passover Problems?

Passover is oh so close!  It begins at sundown on April 5th. This year Easter falls right in the middle of the Passover week on April 9th.  For some this is not an issue at all; for others, this is a problem. Here are a few thoughts to explore. Here Come Passover and Easter Here’s…

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Published on March 24th, 2023

Community Seder Options for 2023

Every year I spend hours compiling the Bay Area community Seder options. This year I’m thrilled to say that the J-weekly has assembled a good start to that! See their list here. They are continuing to update their list so if YOUR synagogue is offering a Community Seder contact them! I am supplementing with the…

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