Past Programs

Let’s go to the Movies!

The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival for 2011 kicks off on July 21. Building Jewish Bridges is co-presenting two films. The Names of Love What happens when a tightly-wound Jewish scientist falls for a young Algerian sexpot in modern-day France? Cultures, mores and tragic histories collide-to surprisingly humorous effect. By hook, by crook and by…

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Making Friday Night into Family Night

Wish Shabbat were a peaceful family event? Come home too tired to cook and with two fussy kids? Come learn some tricks to turning your Friday night into a warm, cozy family time. It’s all about family, food, fun and a little peace! Led by Dawn Kepler. Saturday, April 9 at 5pm Temple Sinai, 2808…

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Cooking Jewish: Passover

Passover this the most observed Jewish holiday in America. The central element is the meal around the Seder table that reenacts the historical exodus from Egypt. Food and ritual are at the center of this home based holiday. What if you are not Jewish or were not raised Jewish but you are in charge of…

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