Passover for American Jews

What does Passover mean in American Jewish community? Often Jews will say, “Passover is my favorite holiday.”  Often Christians will say, “Christmas is my favorite holiday.”  These two days are pretty different – one about the exodus from Egypt and the other about the birth of Jesus.  What do we DO on these days?  Passover…

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Passover Mid-week

A Shmuroh matzah An update to the Haggadah Rabbi Ferenc Raj, rabbi emeritus of Beth El in Berkeley, is a Rescued Child, rescued by Raoul Wallenberg in Hungary. From him I learned the following blessing that can be added to your haggadah. You can open your front door and say it out into the world or…

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Published on April 23rd, 2008

Passover Food

Let’s begin with the non-traditional dishes. I took a cooking class with a friend on Moroccan Cooking, here in Oakland from a gal named Dara who has The Sage Table. (You can find her online at I think she might be Jewish.) When I looked at the recipes she had taught us every single…

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Passover – Getting ready

  The Seder Plate You can go here for an online visual of the plate and it’s parts. The First step preparing for Passover – cleaning In most cultures there is a “spring cleaning” that takes place. For Judaism, it is specifically attached to the commandment to get rid of all leavening and associated…

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Passover – Charoses Recipes

We had a great time at the Passover workshop today. There were five different kinds of Charoses to sample. I thought I’d post at least those five. Here are even more than five recipes… You’ll notice in the first picture that charoses is piled up in a little pyramid. This is a fun way to…

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Passover: The Set Table

The ultimate Jewish holiday: Passover! Whether you’ve never had a seder or you consider yourself a pro, you’ll learn something at this workshop.. We’ll literally have a set table – with all the elements identified and explained. We encourage you to bring ideas and practice from your own tradition and family. We’ll have sample foods…

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