Jewish Summer Camp

The Jewish Community Federation sent out this message: Kids spend an average of 7 hours a day on screens. How can we divert their attention from virtual life to real play, keeping them happy, motivated, and interested in the world around them? Two words: summer camp. Jewish overnight camp can be life-changing for a child….

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Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! The entire point of Thanksgiving is to be thankful. It’s a great time to express appreciation in the form of a prayer or statement. If you like prayer, consider learning – or simply reading – one or more of the Jewish blessings over food. My Jewish Learning has a terrific page that gives…

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It’s Not Your Son’s Girlfriend’s Job to Seek Out Judaism

Dear Dawn: How many times do I have to hear a Jewish parent worry about the future of their child’s romance with a non-Jew? At a recent lunch with several Jewish girlfriends, one worried out loud about her son’s non-Jewish girlfriend. There is always this focus on the non-Jewish girlfriend/boyfriend’s perceived level of interest (or lack…

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