Introduction to Judaism

Introduction to the Jewish Experience: Israel and Texts

The land of Israel has been central to Jewish history, both ancient and modern. Even during the years of galut (exile) the Jewish heart was “in the east,” in the words of medieval poet Yehudah HaLevy. This class will examine the history of ancient Israel, the beginnings of rabbinic Judaism, and the modern return to…

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Introduction to Judaism classes Fall 2013

Judaism 101 Introduction or Re-discovery of Judaism Taught by Rabbi Susan Leider Enhance your connection to contemporary Jewish life! This course incorporates text and discussion to explore biblical and rabbinic writings, history and culture, the meanings and metaphors of Jewish holiday celebrations, concepts of God, ethics, the Jewish lifecycle, and Israel. Drop in to any…

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Beyond the Basics of Judaism

BEYOND THE BASICS: DELVING DEEPER INTO JEWISH EXPERIENCE This course is intended for graduates of “Intro” courses as well as for those who have a basic knowledge of Judaism but who wish to look more deeply into the introductory topics. These three parts roughly follow the outline of topics in Introduction to the Jewish Experience,…

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