The Get – A Religious Jewish Divorce

Perhaps you’ve heard there is a special Jewish religious divorce. It is called a “get”. In ancient times, men basically owned the women in their lives – wives, daughters, sisters. So creating a way that marriage ends and frees the woman to marriage again was pretty forward thinking. Interfaith couples rarely worry about a get…

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Posted in Divorce
Published on November 15th, 2015

Parents’ divorce set young Jew adrift at the Holidays

  The High Holy Days can bring up some intense feelings for every Jew. One young man contacted me with a unique issue around the Holidays – his interfaith parents’ divorce and the subsequent lack of clarity about his status. My dad is Jewish and my mom converted before they got married. Her conversion was…

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When one child is Jewish and the other is Not

Kveller, an online magazine published the first person story of a woman whose eldest daughter from her first marriage is not Jewish and her second daughter from a Jewish marriage, is Jewish. How this woman got to this place in life is interesting and is the result of being alive in a time when many…

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Parenting has its Sacrifices

I recently heard from a Catholic woman asking for help in navigating her interfaith divorced family. Her ex-husband is Muslim and their two daughters were being raised with both religions until the divorce. Things have reached a very painful state. I will pause here and ask you to think about this… What do you think…

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