SF Jewish Film Fest is ON! + other activities

The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival began its 2015 season last Thursday and they have their usual fabulous line up of films. I’ve told you in the past that it was suggested to me that I cosponsor films about Jewish & Muslim couples, typically living in Israel or Europe. But that topic doesn’t apply to…

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Let’s Go to the Movies!

The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival is in its 35 year. Building Jewish Bridges is delighted to be a co-presenter of the following films at this year’s festival. Dough Food has always represented more than sustenance in Jewish culture, and its transformative power is on display in this delightful British dramedy which unites a widowed…

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Let’s Go to the Movies! We’ll see El Critico

Join us for the SF Jewish Film Festival! BJB is co-presenting El Critico The film runs from 6:50 to 8:30pm. We’ll go for ice cream afterwards. El Critico Víctor Tellez is jaded, emotionally repressed and arrogant. Not surprisingly, he is an influential but harsh film who especially detests Hollywood romantic comedies.One day while searching for…

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