Planning Your Wedding – First Steps

So one of you proposed and the other accepted. Mazel tov! The most common place to go from here is excitement and questions – what day will we get married and where – are usually at the top of the list. But where and when should be put on a low simmer while you work…

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Published on June 10th, 2015

Making Wedding Plans in an Interfaith Relationship

Current culture seems determined to make weddings hellish. Bridezilla anyone? Add an interfaith component and you can make things confusing and difficult. But it doesn’t need to be that way. NOT AT ALL. If you are marrying someone from a different religion and background there are some steps you can take to get off on…

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Books for planning your wedding

There are a lot of books for planning weddings! I’m only going to mention my top favorites. A book aimed specifically at interfaith weddings is, Celebrating Interfaith Marriage by Rabbi Devon Lerner. I wouldn’t be recommending this book if I thought it suggested watering down EVERYONE’s traditions. Rabbi Lerner walks you through the wedding traditions…

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