Let’s go to the Movies: Saviors in the Night

The 2010 San Francisco Jewish Film Festival is underway! Come with me to see Saviors in the Night. Saviors is a true story about a German Catholic family who hid a Jewish family during the Holocaust. Go online and buy your ticket at: As usual I’d like to get together for a dinner of…

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Come with me to the Movies

Join me for a humorous look at identity, conversion and finding yourself – in this case – as an ultra Orthodox Jew.  We’ll view an East Bay Premiere of: Circumcise Me! USA, 2007, 47 minutes, English “Is it hot in here, or am I the only one dressed for Poland in the 17th Century?” While…

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Learn by watching Jewish Movies

Learning by watching can be a lot of fun. Why not learn while watching a movie? I got my rabbinic student friend to turn away from the homework for awhile to give me a list of movies. Movies for learning about Judaism Judaism is not just a religion. It is a culture, an ethnicity, a…

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