Talking About Israel with Honestly, Pain & Caring

On August 13th and August 23rd, Josh Kornbluth and Rabbi Menachem Creditor engaged in a public conversation about Israel, Zionism, Judaism, Peace, and American Jewish activism. Overwhelmed by Argument with Josh Kornbluth and Rabbi Menachem Creditor The description of and rules for the conversation are below. It was an intense conversation between two loving friends…

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A walk around Jerusalem

I just spent 10 days in Jerusalem to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Women of the Wall. Hundreds of women prayed at the Western Wall together. The cantors were put up on chairs so that they could be heard by all the women and lead the singing and chanting. The plaza was filled with elation.

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Published on November 13th, 2013

Israel Trip – more photos

Day 2 we traveled to Shiloh, the ancient capitol of Israel before Jerusalem was built. These archaeologists think they have found the tabernacle where the Tablets of the Law were kept. Next we drove to the Jordan River, where Joshua brought the Israelites into the Land of Israel. These Christians have come to the river…

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Day One I joined the Beth Jacob congregational trip to Israel in June. The idea was to follow the books of Tanach (the bible) from the time that the Israelites entered the land of Israel in the book of Joshua and then trace the history through the books of Judges, Samuel, Kings, visiting the sites…

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