Community Activities

Crown and Mystical Kabbalah

We’ll begin with a brief discussion of the meaning of mysticism; then the focus will move to the unique characteristics and history of Jewish mysticism. We will look at a variety of texts including the Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Creation), Sefer Bahir and texts from the school of Abulafia before looking more intensively at the…

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Community Seders 2013

Special Seder on the day BEFORE Passover begins: 3rd Annual Chocolate Seder Jewish LearningWorks is pleased to partner with Peninsula Temple Sholom in Burlingame to provide this lovely event. The chocolate seder is intended for children from kindergarten through 7th grade. It’s a fun, lively seder which involves learning, afikomen hunting, and lots and lots…

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Purim shpiels everywhere!

Homemade Bollywood costume Purim is coming! Along with it comes the commandment to Be Happy, Have Fun and Get Drunk! OK, you don’t actually have to get drunk but you are supposed to really whoop it up. Every synagogue is holding a Purim Shpiel – that is telling the Purim story. Many synagogues pick a…

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