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We joyously support interfaith families in our community in identifying their familial, spiritual and communal goals through workshops, social events and couples counseling.

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Join other couples like yourself who are sorting out the kind of life and home they will create. Discuss your ideas with others in a supportive and caring environment.

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Newsletter Update

April 3, 2019

Should We Draw Attention to our Differences?

Why draw attention to differences? In interfaith homes there can be a strong desire to focus on what is the “same” between two faiths. This focus can become extreme when the adults teach the children that there “really is no significant difference” between say, Christianity and Judaism; they share universal values. It is quite true...

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February 28, 2019

Are interfaith relationships “hard”?

Are interfaith relationships “hard”? You could reframe this question as, “Are relationships hard?” The answer is sure. Some are easier than others, but sharing your life with another complete human is hard. You have to share, you have to give some things up, you have to take on things that don’t thrill you. In an...

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"I want to personally thank you for all that you do to make people like me feel welcome at the ‘Jewish table.’ Words cannot describe what a difference it has made."

- Ilana, San Francisco

"We found your interfaith class most rewarding. It certainly can bring a couple closer together. I recommend the program to any couple. It helps keep Judaism and religion in people's lives."

- Burt, Walnut Creek

"I went to the program expecting it to be interesting and informative, but not expecting to be so personally affected by it and so deeply moved. I left with new insights not only into other people's identity issues, but also into my own issues with Jewish identity."

- Jan, Richmond

"Dawn Kepler is my go-to Jewish professional for all my interfaith questions. She is wise, experienced, and compassionate and innovative and has helped me and so many to make our Jewish communities truly welcoming and inclusive."

- Rabbi Judy Shanks, Temple Isaiah, Lafayette