What About the Kids?

Are you pregnant or anticipating getting pregnant?  Interfaith programs offer support in answering these types of questions:

  • Will we give our child a religious identity?
  • Will we have a bris?  A baby naming?  A baptism?
  • What do birth rituals mean to us?  What will they mean in the life of our child?
  • How will our parents and families react to our choices?

Got kids already?  You can discuss these kinds of choices with other interfaith parents:

  • Will we choose a religion for our child?
  • Are two religions better than one?
  • Can we “try out” a Jewish environment before we decide?
  • What do adult children from interfaith homes say about their experience?

Do we anticipate raising them within a spiritual community?  (A church, synagogue, mosque)
For more information contact Dawn at dawn@BuildingJewishBridges.org