Extended Family

Children of Interfaith Couples

Were you raised by one Jewish parent and one non-Jewish parent?  Want to talk to others who share some or all of your experience?

Questions and comments that come up:

  • I wasn’t raised in one religion and I feel awkward about exploring either of them.  How do I start?
  • I’m like being Jewish and black/Asian/Hispanic.  Where can I go to see other Jews like me?
  • My dad was Jewish and I’ve been told that I’m not.  How can I build my confidence?
  • I want to be Christian but my Jewish family members are totally upset with me.
  • I want to convert and put all this questioning bull behind me.  How do I do that?

Parents of Interfaith Couples

When your child marries outside Judaism, you may have a whole array of reactions. Your feelings may not match those of your spouse, your family, your best friend. Whatever you are feeling is valid. It’s just what you feel. But your goal should be to maintain a loving relationship with your child, their partner, and your grandchildren.

Questions that come up can include:

  • We want our kids to pick one religion for their family and the grandchildren. How can we get them to do that?
  • Now that our son/daughter married a non-Jew, we feel a heightened desire/need to practice Judaism. Are we being hypocrites?
  • I’m fine with my child’s partner, but my spouse/friend/parent is not. They are really upsetting me; what can I do?
  • How should we behave towards our new non-Jewish in-laws? Should we include them in Jewish holidays?

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