Happy Tu B’av! (the Jewish Day of Love)

I really enjoyed this article by Rabbi Larry Milder. He sent it to his congregation, Beth Emek of Pleasanton. It gives you a nice summary of the rather obscure holiday, Tu B’Av. Why not take his advice and tell someone that you love them, maybe even give them flowers. The Jewish Day of Love Today,…

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Tu B’Av, A good time to express love

(Photo via Israeli PikiWiki, some rights reserved) This week I had the following communication: Delightful woman: Hi Dawn, I receive your newsletter and am wondering what is the best way to honor my (Jewish) daughter-in-law on Tu B’Av? Me: What a lovely idea you have! Tu B’Av is “observed” to the extend that is it…

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Summer is full of fun Jewish options

The High Holidays are coming – this year in October – so you still have weeks in which to do some shul shopping to determine whether you’d like to join a synagogue and have a “home” for the holidays and beyond. I’ve often told you to explore the lighthearted services of summer. Look below to…

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