Ain’t We Got Fun!

One of the best things about belonging to a community is that there are other people to create fun activities FOR you and to support the ones you create. A friend of mine is entranced with the music of Tin Pan Alley. He has become quite the expert on the musicians, politics and social upheaval…

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The Fifth New Year + A life of meaning

A synagogue group goes to the ballgame together Does your life have meaning? Tomorrow we will all begin writing 2013 on paperwork. Jewish or not, a new year begins for us all at midnight on December 31. Many of us make resolutions; we will – lose weight, start jogging, clean out the closet, tidy up…

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Call it what you will, you need a community

My daughter calls me “Mama” when she’s feeling especially affectionate or especially upset. So when I picked up the phone at 6am on a Sunday morning and heard, “Mama?” I knew things were not OK. Elly is in Israel on a Birthright* trip and her credit card had been frozen. Despite my calls to the…

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