You are Mine for Now

Just call me
Just call me

When my daughter was in kindergarten we had to change schools midyear. I was anxious about bringing my five year old to a new school where all the other kids had bonded. I remember the February morning that I walked into the office of the new school and introduced Elly to the school secretary, Sue. Sue smiled at her and after a brief chat said, “OK, you’re mine now until you graduate.” And off they went.

For the next six years Sue was there for elbows that needed bandaids, loose teeth, costumes that needed safety pins, a smile, a pat. She couldn’t make everything right but she could and did smooth the way.

I want to say that I feel the same way about all of you. You belong to me – until such time as you decide to go off to Seattle or Miami (and some of you stay in touch anyway). In the meantime I refer to you as “my couples” and it is my intention to smooth the way. I can’t fix everything, but I have some pretty good ideas and resources. Don’t hesitate to give me a call. I know there are some of you that worry that I’m Jewish and I can’t understand how it feels to be Christian or Hindu or pagan. But give it a try. I might surprise you.
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