Thinking about Passover

Many people dream of writing their own Haggadash with their loved ones, but faced with the enormity of the task they never get around to it. Why not start with an in between step? Just have your family and friends illustrate your Haggadah.

A few years ago Rabbi Creditor of Netivot Shalom in Berkeley sent out an email describing a resource that can be used to create your own haggadah — but not have to start from scratch. Here’s what he said:

A dear friend of mine who is also a gifted educator, Alex Weinberg, has shared the latest version of his Haggadah that he wrote last year for my children, but have since shared with his community and friends. The Haggadah is designed for families of all ages and has space on each page for children (or adults) to illustrate the page.

To use this Haggadah at your Seder, print out a master copy and then share pages with your participants (before Pesach/Passover). Have them illustrate different pages of the Haggadah. Collect the pages before the Seder and give them to a local copy shop where they can make double sided, spiral bound booklets to use at your Seder. At the Seder be sure to have the participants who illustrated each page explain their drawings—it is a great way for them to be included in the discussions and to become leaders at your Seder!

You can download the Haggadah here.