Kim Carter Martinez

Kim Carter Martinez

Taking Charge of Your Jewish Identity
Being Black, Asian, Danish… and Jewish

Adults from interfaith families often have their Jewish identity challenged by both Jews and non-Jews. Having a name that is not perceived as Jewish, like Anderson, Christiansen, O’Toole, or Wong, can lead to questions like, “How did you get to be Jewish?” For biracial Jews the question stems from their appearance, “You don’t look Jewish.”

There are a number of ways that an adult from a biracial or interfaith family can arm themselves for these micro-aggressions. Join Kim Carter Martinez, the biracial daughter of an African American father and a white Ashkenazi mother. Kim has spent years honing her skills and is pleased to teach others how to own your identity in spite of the doubts of others.

Sunday, October 9
3:00 – 4:30 pm
Temple Sinai, 2808 Summit Street, Oakland
Free, but please sign up here as we must limit participation to 30. Sign up here.

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